Saturday, November 18, 2017


Some breeder in West Virginia claims cocaine is everywhere.  “We live in a world where there’s cocaine on everything”.

That’s a new one for me.

Environmental contaminants.  Kennel hands with exposure to coke?

Wow, kennel hands must be paid richly, that cocaine is so freely distributed…  Enough so to share with the dogs? Damn…  no wonder they are in the business of using these dogs to an inch of their lives.
And environmental contaminants?  What the hell causes that?  Come on, man.  You are reaching for nothing.

Last time I checked, Saras, people in most real jobs go through drug tests.  We test clean and we do NOT walk through fairy dust clouds of coke everywhere we go.

Come up with a better story than that.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Irma, Part Two

Apparently my prior post about Irma and the dogs left in kennels ticked off some people.

  •       What is involved in moving thousands of dogs.  Thousands???
  •       I need an education?  right...
Listen, this storm was horrific.  My niece may not have a home to go back to on Marathon.  But they evacuated.

Puzzle me this.  There is over a week warning of an impending impact from a hurricane.  Or even the outlaying wind damage.  It’s not like a tornado, that drops out of nowhere.  Why weren’t actions taken sooner?

So an industry with “thousands” of dogs in kennels, according to a prior comment, with weeks of notice of a potential hit can’t round up haulers to move dogs?  Weeks prior?

They have horrid cement blocks for the hurricanes but what happens if it floods.

But they left the dogs and the trainers to deal with it.  Priceless and heartless.  The epitome of the racing industry

People are just now getting power back near these kennels.  What provisions were made for the $$money makers$$?   None, I assume.

The industry is in a death spiral.  No reason other dogs saved by racing groups to leave the has-beens at blood banks.  Or shipped to places like Mexico and Pakistan (yes, someone found one from the US there.),

Speak and comment all you want.  Until I see corrective action taken for those low $money-makers$, I won't shut up.

No love for dogs in this industry.  Just money.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Hurricane Irma

Hurricane Irma is a massive storm.  It is covering the entire state of Florida.  It surpasses Andrew, which was epic devastation.

While the eye makes a beeline to the Keys where my niece evacuated, projections send it in many directions.

There is a statewide evacuation order in place.  For good reason.  While the eye targets one area, the bands will wreak havoc elsewhere.

And Florida is one of the few states with greyhound racing.  With too many tracks there.  Too many dogs in kennels, susceptible to damage and flooding

Humans, with family and pets, load up their cars or vans or trucks and seek a place for shelter from one of the worst magnitude hurricanes to hit Florida.

Why don’t the tracks?  I’ve heard some trainers are going to stay with the dogs.  

That is noble of them.  But stupid.  The terror and the permanent damage to the psyche?  Unless the trainers are singing lullabies, they’ve hurt those dogs. 

They should have moved all of the dogs out of there to safety and the trainers too.

The owners and breeders won’t care much.

God help those dogs.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Coke Again? Casual Contact, He Says


I posted about a large number of greyhounds testing positive for cocaine at Orange Park not long ago.

Lo and behold, 5 more dogs tested positive for a metabolized form of coke.  And you guessed it.  At ORANGE PARK (no webpage I could find)

“Both Flicka and Dennis Leary are owned by Steve Sarras, who also owns the other greyhounds that McClellan trained that tested positive.

Sarras defends his trainers and dogs, saying the positive tests were for "trace amounts" of metabolites that can come from "environmental contaminants or from casual contact."”

Fairy tales are cute and joyful and comforting as a small child.  And that is best the owner comes up with?

Ø  Fairy Tale #1 - My RESCUED greyhounds are exposed to the elements every time they go outside.  To date, and their bloodwork is done to monitor for real-life issues, they have never tested positive for COKE.

Ø  Fairy Tale #2 – A banned substance such as metabolized coke cannot reach a blood stream through “casual contact” unless they can actually define “casual contact’

Perhaps Mr. Sarras could define this convenient term.  Is casual contact brushing past them?  Does it come from shoving them into a small, dark starting gate?  Maybe slapping down a bowl full of questionable food for them with a banned substance on their hands?  Maybe checking their teeth (a joke in self since rescues’ teeth are so rotted) with coke on their hands?  Mr. Sarras’s response, while industry approved, is lacking substance.

Industry, if your trainers are independent, then drug test them, for Christ’s sake!  If your dogs mean so much to you, that is…

Maybe, Mr. Sarras, you handing over a dog to a questionable trainer, with a 'here is a bitch or a stud, make it win however', is the problem. Free reign, right?

You cannot use that excuse 23 times!

It does not take a vast education to take proactive measures, nor does it take one to see this is wrong.

I guess the net sum of my rant is the industry is under pressure.  Screws are tightening, as is the noose on dog racing.  It’s becoming more and more unappealing to most and only the diehard tossers, breeders and owners fight its removal.  And you  become desperate.  And desperate is very dangerous and deadly for dogs.

They fight a losing battle.  Butts are not in the seats at the track in Florida.  The industry is dying.  As it should.  Those who fight and cling to the “old way”?  It was never right to begin with.  Now retire with dignity or go out like the travesty the industry is.

Stop putting these dogs in dangerous hands and risking their lives.  The industry is rancid from the inside out.

Friday, June 30, 2017

Coke ~ Blow ~ Snow

Coke.  A refreshing drink as a kid.  

Known as pop, or soda in parts of the US, it is a carbonated, sweetened drink.  Not something I like now but, it is a drink.

Coke.  Name cocaine, a.k.a  blow, flake, freebase, crack.  An illicit drug found in addicts, abusers.  Cocaine (C17H21NO4) is a powerfully addictive, psychoactive, stimulant drug. “

So much now in the news about Orange Park in Florida.  12 dogs tested positive for coke.  Cocaine.  Blow.

So…  in some illiterates’ minds, the dog has to run faster?  As if live baiting weren’t bad enough, drug them with an illicit drug?

“Cocaine’s effect is described as euphoric with increased energy, reduced fatigue, and heightened mental altertness. Users may be talkative, extraverted, and have a loss of appetite or need for sleep. Cocaine’s psychoactive, pleasurable effects are short-lived without continued administration.

Cocaine is metabolized primarily in the liver, with less than one percent of the parent drug being excreted in the urine. The primary metabolite is benzoylecgonine and is detectable in the urine for up to eight days after cocaine consumption.”

How bad is this abuse of drugs?  It hits the newswires.  If the industry and if they had 100 eyes, this would be the one hundredth black one. 

It's at least the second instance this year of racing greyhounds testing positive for cocaine.”  “The documents are dated June 9 and say that trainer Charles McClellan "is a threat to animals in his control, custody and care."”

“One of the dogs in the latest case tested positive six times, including during a race where it finished first. The records showed the dog had cocaine in its system for two of its best races, Theil said.”

The industry is lax in punishment.  Maybe because there is always a buck for them in the whole situation?  Gad, can’t risk future winners and our subsidies? 

“The man responsible, championship “dogman” Malcolm McCallister, lost his racing license.  He didn’t even pay a fine and no criminal charges were ever brought.” 

Do you want to know what some of you turn into rescue face?  Osteo, liver damage, broken limbs.  Ah, that doesn’t matter to the industry, right?  One less.  It wasn’t a winner anyway…

Tell me, if your human child one was one of the entitled dramas, who played video games all day, would you give it coke?  No, don't answer...

The industry needs to wake the hell up.  NOW!   You are NOT caring for your dogs and for all that is holy, you do NOT love your dogs. You use them for money and the hell with the dog that does not perform, coke, amphetamines whatever.

And to the deniers out there, it's on record now.